National Ski Week 16 Aug 1998

Disabled Skiing National Ski Week & Championships

Despite a lack of sponsors and snow, the National Ski Week and Championships are proceeding as planned. They will be held at Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka from August 23 to 28.

After our New Zealand Disabled Ski Team’s success at the recent Nagano Paralympics, we have a group of five Japanese disabled ski racers joining us for the week, along with an Australian, a Swiss and several Americans. Several of these overseas visitors have been involved in their own national disabled ski teams. The New Zealand Disabled Ski Team and other racers will be training for selection in the 2000 World Championships to be held in Switzerland.

Skiers will come from all over New Zealand and will include about 25 A Grade racers and 20 B Grade racers. We will have ski and snowboard lessons for novices, a novelty race and, what we believe to be, the world’s first Disabled Snowboard Championship race.

Disabled Skiing New Zealand’s Administrative Manager, Bronwyn Williams, has spent the last three months seeking commercial sponsorship to assist in running this annual event. It is disappointing that no major sponsors have offered assistance, however the event will still proceed as planned. We have an obligation to provide a national event for our members, especially in a year when for many this will be their only skiing.


We have fantastic support from the Wanaka community for our annual event, and an awareness that many of our participants use skiing as part of their rehabilitation from sickness or accidents.

With expectations that the snow and weather will treat us kindly, we’re looking forward to a great week at Wanaka.

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